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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            High-Temperature Chemical Processing

            A UK-based research company developed a high-temperature, high-pressure chemical processing system to reduce exhaust emissions from diesel trucks. Some of the original sensors used to monitor the system were made with PTFE components, which were failing under the arduous conditions.

            We first assessed which types of material would be corrosion resistant and electrically insulating in this particularly aggressive environment. Sample materials were obtained for live testing in the processing system.

            Our customer had several technical options for the type of sensor to be used and each of these would be manufactured in a different way.

            Three prototype designs were considered:

            • using conventional metal-ceramic bonding technology
            • using ceramic components for the high-temperature areas of the system and epoxy resin/ceramic components for the cooler areas
            • using a new type of chemically resistant coating

            Simple prototypes were built to test the techniques, prove the reliability of the materials and ensure the accuracy of the sensors.

            The preferred design was then engineered for production use.