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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components


            Optical applications require components ranging from plain toughened float glass windows to sophisticated aspheric lenses made by vacuum molding hot glass in ultra-accurate molds.

            We offer an extensive range of items made by different techniques, depending on the quantities and optical specifications required. These include, for example, windows, mirrors, lenses, prisms and filter glasses.

            We are increasingly specializing in micro optics, where the optics are in the mm, or even sub mm, size range.

            Examples include:

            • 2mm square cubes for optical processing equipment
            • Sapphire windows for high-temperature laser applications
            • Ball lenses and hemispherical ball lenses
            • Octagonal, chamfered, optically coated windows for laser application
            • Small, flanged spherical mirrors
            • Pressed and fire-polished rectangular facetted sight glasses
            • Aspheric lenses