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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Crucibles now available from Goodfellow

            Crucibles availble from Goodfellow

            Using the right crucible is the first step in any successful melting operation. However, selecting that crucible can be a complex process, given the wide range of materials, shapes and capacities available.

            Because of these many variables, we have traditionally not included crucibles in our standard catalog – even though we do supply them! In fact, customers are already using our crucibles across the world, either as labware, or for more industrial purposes such as powder refining, semiconductor processing or solar applications. These crucibles range from as small as 5ml up to multi-liter capacity.

            Crucibles from stock

            Following customer requests, earlier this year we decided to introduce a range of standard alumina crucibles to our catalog. Further crucibles will be added to the catalog range in the future, but we have listed in the table below a selection of some of the materials and shapes which we currently supply.

            Resolving our customers’ problems

            One area where our business has grown significantly in recent years is in calcining, where high-purity fused silica vessels are needed to withstand rapid temperature variations and to avoid contaminating the high-purity powders being processed. Recently, we were able to successfully resolve a long-standing issue for one of our customers where lower quality fused silica was being used, and premature crucible failures were occurring.

            Our high-quality crucibles resolved the problems and we received a commendation from the customer’s production manager, who was finally able to concentrate on production, rather than worry about crucible performance.

            Selecting a crucible

            When selecting a crucible, it is important to consider how, and for how long, the crucible will be used. For example:

            • What temperature will the crucible need to withstand?
            • What thermal gradients will the crucible be subjected to?
            • What material will be melted within the crucible?
            • Is a ceramic, glass or metal crucible required?
            • Is the shape of the crucible important for the application?
            • Are the dimensions of the crucible critical, or is capacity the most important feature?
            • Is the crucible intended to be single or multi-use?

            We would be happy to assist you in selecting the best crucible for your particular application.  Simply e-mail ian.doggett@goodfellow.com or call on 0800 151 3115 (UK) or +44 1480 424 888 to discuss your application in detail.

            Crucibles available from Goodfellow

            Goodfellow offers an extensive selection of crucible materials and shapes to help our customers achieve optimal results


            Typical crucible shapes

            Rectangular  Round Shallow

            Note:  Custom shapes can also be produced in some materials

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