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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Goodfellow Launches New Ceramic and Glass Website

            Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division has launched a new website dedicated solely to materials and finished components in ceramic and glass. In addition to describing the range of products and materials which the Division can supply, it provides many technical datasheets to download. 

            Users of the new site can:

            • Search the website for technical information on our ceramic and glass capabilities
            • Read the News and Events sections as well as see “Product of the Week” information
            • Sign up for Goodfellow’s electronic newsletter

            The site is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

            Feedback about the new website as well as requests for information should be directed to webmaster@goodfellow.com

            • New Products

              New Product Announcements from Goodfellow
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            • Exhibitions

              View the Latest Research and Industrial Product Exhibitions
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            • Newsletters

              Corporate Newsletters from Goodfellow providing professional information and announcements
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            • Press Releases

              Official Press Releases from Goodfellow covering a range of technical areas and products
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