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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            High-Density Calcium Silicate from Goodfellow

            Goodfellow is pleased to announce the availability of High-Density Calcium Silicate, an exceptional high-temperature insulation material that is an alternative to the discontinued Duratec® 750.

            The availability of High-Density Calcium Silicate ensures that customers still have access to a material that has high-quality thermal and electrical insulation properties for high-temperature applications. High-Density Calcium Silicate is…

            • Ideal for use in chemical plants, refineries and electric power plants 
            • Stable over a wide temperature range up to 1000°C
            • Machinable to tight tolerances using carbide-tipped tooling
            • Asbestos-free

            Goodfellow offers High-Density Calcium Silicate as machined components as well as sheets and rods.For more information about High-Density Calcium Silicate or any other materials, visit www.goodfellow.com, email technical@goodfellow.com or call 0800 731 4653 (UK).

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