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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Shapal?Hi-M soft Characteristics

            Managing the changeover from Shapal™-M soft to Shapal™ Hi-M soft

            The general characteristics of the material remain the same and will continue to be valued by users worldwide:

            • High thermal conductivity
            • High mechanical strength
            • Excellent electrical insulation
            • Low thermal expansion
            • Low dielectric loss
            • Excellent high-temperature properties
            • Suitable for vacuum applications

            Please follow the link for technical data and to see how Shapal™ Hi-M soft compares to Shapal™-M soft.

            Securing your supply for the future

            While stocks last, we will continue to supply Shapal™-M soft, or on demand the new Shapal™ Hi-M soft. If your current application uses Shapal™-M, you may want to purchase some of the new grade to approve it for your application, and in the meantime purchase enough stocks of the current grade to maintain your production using the approved grade.

            All of our standard catalog items are clearly marked as either Shapal™-M soft or Shapal™ Hi-M soft.

            For any further assistance or questions regarding the change from Shapal™-M soft to Shapal™ Hi-M soft, please email us at shapalm@goodfellow-ceramics.com