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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            Superwool?HT?High-Temperature Insulation Material

            Goodfellow is delighted to be able to provide a range of Superwool® HT™ high-temperature insulation materials.

            Superwool® HT™ is an Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) fiber-based material that allows superior insulation properties to be achieved using minimal space.

            Characteristics of Superwool® HT™ products include:

            • Very low thermal conductivity
            • Low shrinkage
            • High classification temperature
            • Good strength
            • Thermal stability

            In addition to the above properties, Superwool® HT™ is a safe-to-use alternative to traditionally more hazardous materials – any fibers that may be breathed in are removed by natural processes within the body.

            Please click here for a datasheet containing further information on the Superwool® HT™ range of products. For assistance on any Superwool® HT™ requirements you may have, please contact us.

            Superwool is a trademark of The Morgan Crucible Company plc.

            Download the Superwool® HT™ pdf

            Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to supply a wide range of ceramic and glass materials as finished components. Our capabilities range from custom-made precision microcomponents with very high tolerance features to large heavy-duty components used in industrial applications. Additionally, standard semi-finished forms such as tubes, rods, bars, plates, crucibles and spheres are often available from our wide inventory. Please contact us with full details of your requirements, including drawings where available, and we will review and respond with a quotation as soon as possible.

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