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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components


            Germanium is a useful material for thermal imaging due to high transmission levels between 8 – 14 microns, so it is often formed into optics such as lenses and windows. The material is typically used in infrared laser applications and has a high index of refraction, meaning that anti-reflection coatings are frequently used to improve performance. Diamond coating also ensures that optics are reasonably tough. Germanium is stable in air and water and is unaffected by alkalis and acids, with the exception of nitric acid.

            Characteristics of germanium include:

            • High density (approx. 5.33g/cm3)
            • Good transmission levels in the infrared
            • Chemically stable
            • High index of refraction

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            Buy standard Germanium products online

            Goodfellow also offers a range of standard, semi-finished forms in our online catalog. To see our catalog, please follow the link below.

            Germanium (Ge)

            Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to supply a wide range of ceramic and glass materials as finished components. Our capabilities range from custom-made precision microcomponents with very high tolerance features to large heavy-duty components used in industrial applications. Additionally, standard semi-finished forms such as tubes, rods, bars, plates, crucibles and spheres are often available from our wide inventory. Please contact us with full details of your requirements, including drawings where available, and we will review and respond with a quotation as soon as possible.