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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components

            High-Purity Fused Quartz Melting Vessels

            The success of many high-technology melting processes is often directly related to the quality of the melting vessel being used to melt the product. Fused quartz is a popular choice of melting vessel material due to excellent thermal and chemical stability, allowing vessels to be used with a wide range of materials that can sometimes be subject to rapid temperature changes during processing.  

            Fused quartz melting vessels can be manufactured by a number of different methods, but it is the molding method that uniquely allows vessels to be produced with optimal characteristics for demanding melting applications. Other manufacturing methods can potentially lead to inconsistent vessels that risk a much reduced lifetime, or even failure, during the melting process.

            Advantages of Molded Fused Quartz Melting Vessels:

            • One piece construction (seamless)
            • Uniform microstructure
            • Isotropic properties
            • Fully dense material
            • Long lifetime
            • High purity

            The high purity and inertness of the fused quartz melting vessel protects the integrity of the products being melted, minimizing any possibilities of product contamination.

            Fused Quartz Melting Vessels

            The internal surface of molded fused quartz melting vessels is non-porous and unreactive, allowing material to be easily removed once the melting process is complete.

            Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to offer high-purity fused quartz melting vessels in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Square, cylindrical and rectangular shapes are possible.

            Custom sizes can be readily produced, with current maximum sizes available from this process being approximately:

            Circular vessels

            Outer diameter: 635mm

            Height: 400mm

            Square or rectangular vessels

            Across the diagonal: 635mm

            Height: 400mm

            In addition to melting vessels, Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to offer other quartz and fused quartz products typically used in the following application areas:

            • Semiconductor processing
            • Silicon processing (for the solar industry)
            • Thermal management
            • Optical components
            • Labware
            • Fiber optics

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