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            Custom-made Ceramic
            and Glass Components


            Windows can range from simple toughened glass windows that are used as viewports to ultra-flat, optically coated laser windows.

            Examples include:


            UV transmitting windows are used in spectrophotometers and analytical instruments.

            Infrared transmitting windows are used in thermal imaging cameras and infrared heating systems.

            Filter glasses are used to provide transmission of specific wavelengths.

            For higher strength, toughened and laminated glass windows are used. For exceptional strength, chemically strengthened glass can be used with thin glass.


            Quartz windows offer exceptional thermal shock resistance.


            Windows can be coated with transparent, electrically conducting coating.


            High lead glass windows are used for X-Ray shielding and protection from radiation in medical and industrial equipment.


            Sapphire windows are used in high-throughput scanning applications.

            Download the Windows pdf